Showcasing the approach, results and capabilities resultant from the ToMax project and driving the launch of ThinkAM, co-founders Andres Lantada, Adrian De Blas and Thomas Messervey led the submission of an abstract and then full paper submission to the Elsevier Materials Today 3D Printing Grand Challenge.

From the contest page:

The Elsevier 3D Printing Grand Challenge aims to support innovative ideas and solutions using additive manufacturing technology to advance healthcare, education, clean water, food, energy, transportation, and heavy manufacturing  while protecting our natural environment and human well-being.
To encourage researchers to come up with new solutions, Elsevier is holding its first 3D Printing Grand Challenge. The winning project will receive a prize of $15,000. A best innovation prize of $10,000 will also be awarded.”

Semi-finalists will be announced on 15 May 2017 and the winners selected on 15 June 2017.
Good luck to the ThinkAM and ToMax teams!

You can read the submitted award submission here.