thinkAM – New StartUp

Partnering with design experts from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, R2M has co-founded thinkAM with the slogan “Additive Manufacturing Transformations”

which has as its core competences:

  • AM IP generation via the design and realization of new materials and part concepts
  • Mapping AM capabilities to what any potential client would like to do
  • Part design and part redesign, focusing on high-tech killer applications
  • Part prototyping, focusing on high-tech, ultra high-performance materials (mainly ceramics)
  • Helping businesses consider how AM could be integrated into their operations
  • AM training and support

thinkAM is R2M’s first non-branch startup and is again proof of the potential of collaborative research. We think you’ll be hearing more about thinkAM shortly – it has the potential to be quite disruptive.